Clean and place a drop of blue Loctite on each shock mounting bolt. Maintain the new shock in posture and loosely set up the upper mounting bolt, spacers and washers. Elevate the wheel (less difficult which has a helper) to align the opening and install the decrease shock mounting bolt.Knob at the rear of the left saddlebag permits the rider to con… Read More

Sportster engines retained the K/KH design and style crankcase style and design, in which the transmission is contained in the identical casting since the motor, and pushed by the engine by using a triple-row #35 chain Key travel along with a multi-plate cable-operated clutch. Versions due to the fact 1991 have 5 speeds; 1990 and previously product… Read More

Use warning when bleeding air within the suspension. Moisture coupled with lubricant may perhaps leak onto the rear wheel, tire and/or brake components and adversely have an impact on traction, which could result in death or severe personal injury. (00084a)The 412 shocks renovate the feel and appear of your respective trip with no sticker shock tha… Read More

Safety is always the first thing when focusing on your motorbike. If you discover your Softail shock adjustment won't do the trick, you can rebuild them with the help of this video.Quality shocks are excellent to typical hydraulic shocks because air during the shock is changed by pressurized nitrogen gas. This progression in technological innovatio… Read More

When your Softail reveals jarring about bumps and begins to sag to the kickstand, exchange and improve your shocks to these conveniently adjustable aftermarket variations.Numerous aftermarket shocks have reliable mounting bushings and don't tolerate misalignment. Check the alignment by little by little sliding the shock toward the bicycle until the… Read More